I am a writer and photographer and I am involved in many other things. I am always looking for a new challenge. New experiences, meeting new people, new places to explore.

Life is beautiful. With this website I want to share my life and my love and passion with the world around me. I want to be a source of inspiration for others.

I do not believe in coincidence, everything in life has a reason.

IJsheilige contains information about St. Pancras. In my early years I lived in Sint Pancras, a small village in North Holland. Much later I discovered that my birthday was the same at the commemoration day of St. Pancras. Therefore, I have on my website a page about Saint Pancras. Here I publish texts and pictures of places I have visited and where I saw the name Saint Pancras.

Foto’s is showing some of my photos.

Boeken contains information about my books, which are, unfortunately, published only in the Dutch language.

Spinsels contains short stories (in Dutch, I still have to translate them) and Schilderijen shows some of my paintings.

Portfolio gives information about publications and exhibitions.

Would you like to respond? Please do!

Ingeborg Kriegsman

+31 0646 322097



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